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Business Hours 7:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.

WEEK 2 June 20th - June 24th

Summer Camp T-shirt available for purchase
Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream
Monday Jun 20th 
Ice Cream Party

+ Fee: $5.00

Tuesday Jun 21st  
Table Games

+ Students bring their own games to play

Ice Rink
Wednesday Jun 22nd

Ice Shating

+ Fee: $25.00
+ Mandatory: Summer Camp T-Shirt
+ Bring warm clothing, coat, hat, gloves & socks.
Art Class
Thursday Jun 23rd
Art and Craft
+ Fee: FREE
Friday Jun 24th
Amelia Park

+ Fee: $12.00
+ Bring a bottle of water
+ Mandatory: Summer Camp T-Shirt
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