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School Break Time Programs

When school’s out, Sport and Dance Studio center is open for kids ages 5 to 12 years old as well as those who don’t attend our programs during the rest of the year.  

Teacher Planning Day

During teacher planning day, kids have a day full of activities, field trips, sports, dance and other activities.

Summer Camp

We offer several fun and engaging themes over the course of the summer to ignite children’s imagination and curiosity. Enroll in one week, a few weeks, or all summer.  If you have more than one child, enjoy the convenience of having them in one safe place together all summer.


Winter/Spring Break

The Winter/Spring Break to provides a parents a place to leave their children in a safe environment. Children have fun activities such as field trips as well as learn sport and dance which provide children with self-discipline and helps boost self-esteem


+ Bob Graham

+ Bob Graham PLC

+ Mater Lakos Middle 

+ Palm Spring North

+ Spanish Lakes Elementary

+ Ben Sheppard

+ Youth Co-up Preparatory Chatter

+ Mater Garden Elementary

+ Mater Academy Elementary

+ West Hialeah Gardens Elementary

+ Ernest Graham

+ Hialeah Gardens Middle School

+ West Hialeah Gardens Elementary

+ Mia Milan School

+ Palm Lakes Elementary





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