Business Hours 7:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.


Aug 12th - 16th

Summer Camp T-shirt available for purchase
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Monday Aug 12th
ChuckE Cheese


+ Fee: $15.00

+ Mandatory: Summer Camp T-Shirt

Tuesday Aug 13th
Picnic Day at CVS Park

+ Price: FREE

+  Mandatory: Summer Camp T-Shirt

+ Bottle o water

+ Bring something to Share: Pizza, Donuts, Cookies, Pastelitos, Soda, Chips, Cookies etc.

Ice Skates
Wednesday Aug 14th
Ice Skating

+ Fee: $22.00
+ Mandatory: Summer Camp T-Shirt
+ Bring warm cloth such as sweater, hat, socks, jacket, gloves, long pants etc.
Thursday Aug 15th
Movie Time at Studio
+ Fee: $5.00 
+ Popcorn and Soda

Friday Aug 16th
Disco Party at Studio

+ Fee: FREE